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Fitness Friday!

What was your workout today? Share with us in the comments!6-28

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I am already looking forward to my next cleanse! The whole process went really well for me and I truly felt great throughout and after. I got lots of energy during and after and it really helped me get rid of some cravings and actually got me away from drinking coffee! -Natalie, 6-Day Master



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Do what moves you!6-26

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You do become what you think! Thanks http://www.mindovermatter.com!6-25

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This Lemon, Asparagus Couscous Salad with Tomatoes from SkinnyTaste is a great pack ahead lunch! What’s on your menu today? http://www.skinnytaste.com/2013/05/lemon-asparagus-couscous-salad-with.html6-24

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Kaeng Raeng’s New Formula Boasts Higher-Quality Ingredients

More Fiber, More Protein, Less Sugar, and Fewer Calories Make for Better Cleansing

Palo Alto, CA — Each packet of Kaeng Raeng, the all-natural meal replacement cleansing program designed to rid the body of toxins, jumpstart weight loss, improve digestion, bolster immunity, relieve bloating, and improve skin and hair quality, now contains more protein and fiber and less calories from sugar for happier, healthier cleansing.

Kaeng Raeng, which means “be healthy, be strong” in Thai, now has even higher-quality ingredients, 5g less sugar, 5% fewer calories, 3.5g more fiber, and 4g more protein per pouch. The new formulation continues to provide a full serving of fruit, 2 billion live probiotic cultures, and essential amino acids and vitamins in each serving.

Kaeng Raeng’s new formulation adheres to “Seven Steps to Skinny,” a series of simple tips for losing weight and realizing optimal health created by Lindsay Reinsmith, certified personal trainer and creator of Kaeng Raeng, and Kim Barnouin, co-author of the Skinny Bitch book series.

With more fiber and protein to keep you fuller longer and provide more sustained energy throughout the day, you won’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle or workout regimen. Plus, there is no fasting or starvation with Kaeng Raeng, but a focus on wholesome, plant-based diet. In addition to drinking Kaeng Raeng three times per day, you are encouraged to eat raw fruits and vegetables along with a small amount of raw, unsalted nuts.

“We’re constantly seeking ways to improve the product,” says Lindsay. “I’m very proud to introduce the new formula to our customers.”

Kaeng Raeng offers three-day and six-day programs in either beginner, veteran, or master levels. Kaeng Raeng is available in three flavors—Daybreak (mango, peach, pineapple), Joyful (strawberry, raspberry, pineapple), Into the Blue (banana blueberry)—and is available online at www.kaengraeng.com, starting at just $70.

ImageAbout Kaeng Raeng

Based in Palo-Alto, California, Kaeng Raeng provides all-natural, vegan, gluten-free meal replacement cleansing and detox programs with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, laxatives or stimulants. Founded by certified personal trainer Lindsay Reinsmith, Kaeng Raeng is delicious, convenient, and designed to rid the body of toxins, jumpstart weight loss, improve digestion, bolster immunity, relieve bloating, and improve skin and hair quality. For more information, please go to www.kaengraeng.com or join the brand on Facebook at Facebook.com/kaengraeng. Kaeng Raeng – Be Healthy. Be Strong.

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Happy Fitness Friday! Are you hitting the gym this weekend?



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I have never done a detox before but I was really impressed with this one. I liked that I felt really full and didn’t go through the day feeling half starved. That I could still have fruits and veggies while on the it and that I felt so much better by the time I was done. -Liz, 6-Day Beginner



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Yoga Wednesday!

Give us a shout out-what’s your favorite style of Yoga?



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Healthy vegan homemade granola? Sounds great! Thanks for this amazing recipe Real Sustenance!



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